Lincoln MKX vs Mercedes Benz GLE

Lincoln MKX Mayfield Heights OH

A Closer Look: Comparing the Lincoln MKX to the Competition for Cleveland Area Drivers

The Lincoln MKX is a standout star in the highly competitive SUV segment, with handsome good looks, fun-to-drive personality, and performance to back it up. It looks great on paper and in person, but drivers from Mayfield Heights, Cleveland, Kent, Mentor, and Middleburg Heights want to know: How does the Lincoln MKX stand up to the Mercedes-Benz GLE? Let's find out!


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The Lincoln MKX versus the Mercedes-Benz GLE in Mayfield Heights, OH

  • Like it or not, the first place most people look when they're considering a new vehicle is the price tag. Well, when you look at the Lincoln MKX and the Mercedes-Benz GLE, you'll notice that the Lincoln MKX starts just shy of $10,000 below the Mercedes-Benz GLE's base price of $51,000 for a similarly equipped model. That's a lot of money to do with as you please.
  • While all-wheel drive isn't standard on either vehicle, if you'd like to add that system to the Lincoln MKX, you'll bump your starting price up to $44,045, but if you want to do the same for the Mercedes-Benz GLE, it'll bring the starting price up to $53,600.
  • The next place folks usually look when they're researching a new vehicle is in the section for standard and optional features. In this area, the Lincoln MKX continues to shine. Here are some of the features that come standard on the Lincoln MKX that you'll see yourself paying extra for on the Mercedes-Benz GLE, even in addition to its higher starting price: back-up camera, keyless start, integration for smartphones and smart devices, and satellite radio. Then there're the features that are standard on the Lincoln MKX, but the Mercedes-Benz GLE doesn't even offer, such as integrated fog lamps, variable speed intermittent wipers, HID headlights, rear parking aid, and remote engine start. When you consider all the features you get standard on the Lincoln MKX that you'll either pay extra for or skip altogether on the Mercedes-Benz GLE, you can really start to see the value inherent in the Lincoln MKX.
  • When it comes to interior space, the Lincoln MKX gives you a little more here, too. It gives you better front leg room, front shoulder room, second head room, second leg room, and second shoulder room. Call it a lucky guess, but we'd bet you're more comfortable when you've got a bit more room to spread out.
  • And to enjoy all that interior space, the Lincoln MKX gives you leather seating standard, which will cost you extra in the Mercedes-Benz GLE. Both vehicles give you standard Driver Adjustable Lumbar seating, but only the Lincoln MKX offers the same to your passenger.

When you break everything down, we feel the Lincoln MKX has a superior value than the Mercedes-Benz GLE. There's no reason to pay extra for a name, so if you're ready to check out what else the Lincoln MKX has to offer, swing by our Mayfield Heights, OH showroom today. We'll gladly get you behind the wheel for a test drive so you can get things off to a great start.