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Comparing the Lincoln MKX to the BMW X5 for Cleveland Area Drivers

These days, when you go to look at your options for luxury SUVs in Mayfield Heights, Cleveland, Manor, Kent, or Middleburg Heights, you might find the market so saturated with models, brands, features, and pomp that it's difficult to know which vehicle would actually suit you and your driving style. Because the segment is so full, drivers like you have a lot to consider, but you also have many excellent choices. The thing it always comes back to, however, is which model is right for you? In the interest of wading through the shallows to get to the good stuff, here at Nick Mayer Lincoln Mayfield, we thought we'd compile a quick comparison of the Lincoln MKX and the BMW X5 to see how the match up shakes out.


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Cleveland Drivers Check Out the Match Up Between the Lincoln MKX to the BMW X5

From their starting points, you might not think there's a big difference between these two luxury SUVs, but the differences between them can definitely start to add up. Consider the starting MSRP for the 2016 Lincoln MKX, coming in at $41,550, then compare that to the starting MSRP for a similarly equipped BMW X5, weighing in more than $10K heavier than the Lincoln MKX at $54,700. See, the differences are already rather hefty, and we've only just begun. Another place of deviation that might eventually impact your wallet, the Lincoln MKX sees better fuel economy than the BMW X5 when on the highway, which can't be discounted if you intend to do a lot of driving.

Once inside, the differences are more subtle, but still important. For example, the Lincoln MKX gives you leather upholstery standard-a touch of luxury you'll have to pay extra for in the already-more-expensive BMW X5. Another aspect to bear in mind when making your selection, the Lincoln MKX boasts superior passenger room in the areas of front legroom, second row head room, and second row legroom, so this means you and your passengers can sit more comfortably, and on leather seats, no less. Need even more space? The MKX bests the BMW X5 in cargo volume up to seat one, delivering 68.8 cubic feet to the X5's 66.

Buying a luxury SUV is about prioritizing your needs and your wants, all in one opulent package. The Lincoln MKX is setting a new standard for luxury SUVs, bring you more for less-more cargo volume, more passenger room, and more overall vehicle for less overall cost, and that is true VIP treatment. If you'd like to pay close to $10K more for many similar features and less overall space, the BMW X5 is a nice SUV, but we can't help but think that $10K is a steep price to pay for the 'BMW' badge.


If you're waiting for the catch, there isn't one! Here at Nick Mayer Lincoln Mayfield, we wanted to show our valued customers from the areas of Mayfield Heights, Cleveland, Manor, Kent, and Middleburg Heights the very real differences between the Lincoln MKX and the BMW X5, hopefully illuminating the areas in which those differences can really add up to something big. If you're looking for a luxury SUV and you're not sure where to begin, starting with us in our Mayfield Heights, OH showroom is a great place! Our friendly sales associates will answer any linger questions you might have, and if the whim strikes you, we'll gladly set you up with a test drive! The only thing left to ask is, when would you like to come in?