When it comes to a quality driving experience, many drivers choose the Lincoln MKZ because it lives up to its reputation as a natural performer. What enables it to move so gracefully is its innovative composition. Take a closer look, and you will see how some of its components pave the way for a better ride overall.

All-Wheel Drive

Adverse weather like rain or snow can pose a challenge to drivers. Fortunately, the Lincoln MKZ has you covered. Models with a turbocharged engine are available with an all-wheel drive system that delivers torque effectively to both the front and rear wheels. This maximizes traction which reduces the likelihood of a wheel slip and boosts handling in turn.

Adaptive Suspension

Upgraded with the adaptive suspension system, the Lincoln MKZ moves with more stability. This is because it utilizes a suite of sensors and monitors to monitor the road and adapt vehicle movements as needed. Drivers also have the ability to choose between Comfort, Normal, and Sport modes to match their driving preferences. The result is a smoother performance.

Electric Power-Assisted Steering

To move fluidly around every bend in the road, the Lincoln MKZ is armed with an electric power-assisted steering system. It adapts steering according to speed and even road conditions to ensure you maintain ample control at all times. This makes maneuvering your new Lincoln car easier for you.

Test Drive a New Lincoln MKZ at Nick Mayer Lincoln Mayfield

The best way for you to learn about the capability of the new Lincoln MKZ is to test one out for yourself. So, if you are interested in a deluxe experience on your commutes around Mayfield Heights, Ohio, then do not wait. Come on over to Nick Mayer Lincoln Mayfield where you can take this new Lincoln car for a test drive!

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