If you’re in the greater Cleveland area and you’re on the hunt for an elegant and capable luxury sedan, the 2017 Lincoln MKZ more than earns itself a test drive. Right now, we’ve got plenty of great deals on the MKZ and other new Lincoln models on our page of new Lincoln specials. The only question left now is, would you rather lease or buy your 2017 Lincoln MKZ?



Should I Lease or Should I Buy?

Drivers from Mayfield Heights, Cleveland, Kent, Mentor, or Middleburg Heights, OH usually take one of two paths to Lincoln ownership: buying with an auto loan or electing for a Lincoln lease. They’re different financing solutions, but each has its advantages. While we can’t say which path you should choose, we can spell out some of the biggest differences so you can come to that decision yourself:

  • Payments: When you lease, your monthly payments are usually lower than when you buy because you’re paying for the amount of depreciation, not the total price of the vehicle. The downside is, lease payments don’t go toward ownership or build toward equity, as loan payments do, so if you’re interested in owning your vehicle outright and building equity with it, leasing might not be for you; consider a loan instead!
  • Limits & Restrictions: With an auto loan, there are very few limits to how you can use your vehicle, but when you lease, there are restrictions on things like mileage, customization, and maintenance work. Leases often require you to stick to a specific number of miles per year, keep up with factory scheduled maintenance, and you can’t add any personalization or customization; by contrast, you’re free to drive as far and wide as you like with an auto loan, and you aren’t forced to stick to any maintenance schedule (though it’s still a good idea!), and customization is certainly on the table.
  • Warranty & Repair: Because leases most often apply to new vehicles, there’s an excellent chance your vehicle will be under the manufacturer’s warranty for your entire lease term, so most maintenance and repair could end up being covered for you; on the other hand, when you buy, once your warranty is up, the full cost of service and maintenance falls to you.

Whichever financing solution you think is right for you, there’s no shortage of outstanding new Lincoln models to choose from, including the immaculately styled and executive level 2017 Lincoln MKZ. Check out some of our new Lincoln specials to catch an extra-sweet deal on some of the hottest models in the Lincoln lineup, 2017 MKZ included!